Sunday, December 10, 2023

Your Favorite University

Choosing Favorite university involve intensive observation and direct communication with representatives from various universities. Most students choose to continue their education in the favorite college already known by public while the rest of them choose nearest local campus.

Few percentage of students choose to continue their education in whatever college as long as there is a degree they were looking for. In local area, students seems to choose the university based on ‘the season’. Most universities sent their representatives into each schools and doing some attractive presentations. Few of them also accepting early registration which can be continued when the student graduated from schools. The registration fee is waived if students choose to register.

Local university was competing to get more student as soon as possible while some known universities focus on building interactions between students and campus. Some students from well known universities were trying to do some presentations as well in their old school. They were using their unique uniform and start doing some conversation with students. Most of them doing it for free and without any relation with their campus.

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So, what is your Favorite University? Most student would said the best university would be their own campus. I have no doubt about it. However, it was happen because most of them weren’t understand and never tried to enter another college. As for me, there is no favorite university. Everything remain the same. What I call favorite university is a college which really care about their students and struggle to give the best services and support for them.

Selecting the best and favorite universities shouldn’t rely on voting or how much the students each universities had. As illustration, there are two universities and one of them has million of student while the other only has hundreds of students. The favorite universities shouldn’t based on how much student they had. Why? Simple, Because a university may has million of students because it has so much options and programs to choose. However, everyone always have their own favorite university in their mind. So, I’ll ask the same question again, What is your Favorite University?

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