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What is your Favorite Subject in University

University has so many subjects to choose. It starting from well known subject into local specific subject. Each students must have their own favorite subject in university. In this article, I’ll list few things which maybe your interested choice.

Few Favorite Subjects.
Here are few interesting subjects:

  1. Agriculture, forestry and food.
    It has information related with department of agriculture food and forestry, ministry of agriculture forestry and food also ministry for food agriculture forestry and fisheries.
    A great subject for student whom thinking farming, green earth and improving food production as interesting subjects.
  2. American studies.
    A nice subject for student outside US.
  3. Anatomy and physiology.
    A good subject to learn about the Physiology and complex structures of the anatomy.
  4. Anthropology.
    Learn how the people live and interact with others. A nice subject beside Sosiology.
  5. Archaeology and forensics
    Best subject for student whom thinking forensic and Archaeology as both interesting things. Only few people have this degree compared by the whole population.
  6. Architecture
    Thinking to create a new design which going to impress people wolrdwide? Make sure to choose Architecture as it has so many benefits in teaching students on how to build great building with an artistic sense.
  7. Art and design
    While thinking to create an art, think about this subject. It enable student to learn how arts should be created and what make it valuable.
  8. Biosciences
    The idea is to learn about biology and how to handle many things at once. Creatures are very important in human life, BioScience turn them into great aid for peoples. It taught students to analize any creatures and make use of it.
  9. Building and town and country planning
    Would like to create good community? This is a great subject which enable student to learn constructing good looking town while keep it safe for people. Boring with so many floods which happen every year? Help local government to restructure the town. It also teach student to create mega plan on how a country should operate in term of population and building.
  10. Business and management studies
    Would like to be manager? Get this study. Student will be taught different things to overcome any challenges in business and how to operate it nicely. It is popular in many countries and student tend to choose this study due to job offer and great aid in life.
  11. Chemistry
    It teach student how to create good formulas which will help most people. A very great subject which is able to turn almost any objects for any purposes. While not so many students choose this study, it has proven if this world become modern due to this study.
  12. Classics
    A subject which taught student about classical things.
  13. Computer sciences and IT
    A very popular study which taught student to create good programs and handle the operating system efficiently. The opportunity is endless. It enable students to create great products which is operateable in many situations.
  14. Dentistry
    It related with dentist and it’s components.
  15. Drama and dance
    Would like to be coreographer or actors/actress? How about selecting this subject?
  16. Earth and marine sciences
    There are so many great creatures in ocean. The best way to learn about them would be to choose this study. Student will be able to learn about Ocean and how it works.
  17. Economics
    A study which is quite interesting in improving live by using monetary methods.
  18. Education
    If you would like to be teacher and teach students effectively, make sure to visit this study.
  19. Engineering: chemical
  20. Engineering: civil
  21. Engineering: electronic and electrical
  22. Engineering: general
  23. Engineering: materials and mineral
  24. Engineering: mechanical
  25. English
  26. Geography and environmental studies
  27. History and history of art
  28. Law
  29. Mathematics
  30. Media studies, communications and librarianship
  31. Medicine
  32. Modern languages and linguistics
  33. Music
  34. Nursing and paramedical studies
  35. Pharmacy and pharmacology
  36. Philosophy
  37. Physics
  38. Politics
  39. Psychology
  40. Religious studies and theology
  41. Social policy and administration
  42. Social work
  43. Sociology
  44. Sports science
  45. Tourism, transport and travel
  46. Veterinary science

All the studies above were quite fascinating for students. It would answer the the question about the Favorite Subject in University. Another question has been discussed in this blog like as What is Favorite University. In few weeks later, we would like to discuss about each favorite colleges chosen by the students in every areas.

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