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What is your Favorite Activity in University

Favorite activities in university are measured not only by counting how much students doing it but also by looking on how many people willing to do the activity.

Colleges worldwide encourage students to involve in useful activities. Here are few of them:

  1. Doing Sports.
  2. Hangout with friends.
  3. Take Photograph and share it on Social network.
  4. Spent time by reading.
  5. Doing researches.

For Sports, College has few of them. Here are some popular activities related with sports:

  1. Football. This is the most favorite activities. Many students interested in this type of sport. Every colleges has their own football club. It has large visitors in every games.
  2. Basketball. Not all students able to join the team but it is very popular in college. Has large visitors too.

Hangout with friends.
This is an activity which is very popular in campus. Most students enjoy talking with their friends about many things such as latest study, movies and their previous activities.

Take Picture and share it in Social Network.
Many students take a picture while hangout with friends or whenever they think they found interesting moments. Taking a picture and sharing it with others has been a popular activity in campus.

Reading in Library.
While not many students spent times by reading in library, few of them really enjoy it. Reading is good habit which will save students when they found difficult questions. Most of the times, reading will make them smarter than before. Library is an interesting places which has so many resources. Student whom spent the times by reading books and literature will have better knowledge than the others. Each library was linked with another library through online access. By suing the internet, students will get so many interesting knowledge which will save them times and efforts in future.

Doing Researches.
It is an interesting activities which make student aware of the situation. Most researchers start their great while learning in college. There are endless type of researches. Student may doing research to prove the theories and trying the new things.

Most popular activity.
University encourage each student to be creative and useful in the society. Everyone are free to do their activities as long as it is positive and helpful. Sport has been a favorite activity in university and quite popular in society.

What is your Favorite activity in campus?
Everyone has their own favorite activity while continuing the study in campus. How about you? What kind of activity which you have done in campus? Would like to share with us? Write it through comment form below and I’ll update it to the article. Make sure to read about What is Favorite University and What is your Favorite Subject in University.

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