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Profile Alaska Pacific university

Alaska Pacific University is a modern liberal arts college located in Anchorage formerly known as Alaska Methodist University which focus on experiential and active competency learning.


Alaska Methodist University was built in 1957 by the territory of Alaska. It has first campus two years later in June 28, 1959. The University was struggle hard to attract student and it operate first time in October 1, 1960.

Alaska Methodist University serving public till 1978 and changed the name to Alaska Pacific University. The college began restructure the schools and it’s programs in the same year and became one of the great university in Alaska.


Active Learning Method by APU

APU is well know college in Anchorage and Alaska. It has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is authorized as a university by the Commission on Postsecondary Education, State of Alaska.

The APU Teacher Education Program (K-8) has been exclusively approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Alaska State Department of Education.

The APU Education Department provides the Institutional Recommendation for teacher certification, which is then issued by the Alaska State Department of Education.


APU (Alaska Pacific University) has six tuition for students.

  1. The Campus Undergraduate Program (Get the Full-time at 12 or more credit hours. The rate is $13,500 per semester (up to 18 credits).
  2. Early Honors Program (EHP) – The price is $7,500 per semester (up to 18 credits)
  3. Degree Completion Programs (DCP) – You’ll need $400.00 per credit hour or $250.00 per credit hour (Active Duty Military)
  4. Rural Alaska Native Adult Program (RANA) – cost $400.00 per credit hour
  5. Graduate Programs other than the Master of Arts Program (MAP). Cost $630 per credit hour
  6. Master of Arts Program. Currently at $575 per credit hour


There are four type of Scholarship in APU. Four of them are:

  1. Institutional Scholarships. This scholarship is determined by financial need, merit and involvement with school. The scholarship is based the relation between the school and APU.
  2. Benefactor Scholarships. The amount of scholarship in this type is vary for each student. Always consult with the campus for more info.
  3. President’s Forum Scholarships. If student get at least 3.5 GPA and follow some extracurricular activities, they may eligible for this type of scholarship. Another scholarship with almost the same type, President’s Forum Trotter Scholarship and President’s Forum Travel Scholarship also available for student.
  4. Private Scholarships. It is a scholarship received outside of APU. Student have the option to get awards and scholarship outside of the university.

Academic Events

APU has the following Academic University in this year.



Fall Semester BeginsAUGUST 26, 2013 (ALL-DAY)
Fall Block BeginsAUGUST 26, 2013 (ALL-DAY)
Fall Module 1 BeginsAUGUST 26, 2013 (ALL-DAY)
Labor Day (alternative instruction)SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 (ALL-DAY)
Block Withdrawal Deadline with ‘W’SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 (ALL-DAY)
Fall Block EndsSEPTEMBER 20, 2013 (ALL-DAY)

Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Degree

APU has six Academic Degree such as:

  1. Business Administration Department
  2. Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department
  3. Education Department
  4. Environmental Science Department
  5. Liberal Studies Department
  6. Outdoor Studies Department

Here are the details of each degree.

Business Administration Department consist of five Programs

  1. Associate of Arts. It has two degree.
    Accounting, A.A.
    Business Administration, A.A.
  2. Bachelor of Arts. it has three Degree
    Accelerated Business Administration & Management/Master of Business Administration, BAM/MBA
    Accounting, B.A.
    Business Administration and Management, B.A.
  3. Minor.  Has two degree
    Business Administration and Management Minor
    Health Care Management Minor
  4. Master of Business Administration. Three available for public
    Executive MBA in Information and Communication Technology, MBAICT
    Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership, EMBA SL
    Master of Business Administration, M.B.A.
  5. Graduate Certificate. Two degree available
    Entrepreneurship Certificate
    Investments Certificate

Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department also has five option available.

  1. Associate of Arts.
    Human Services, A.A.
  2. Bachelor of Arts
    Counseling Psychology, B.A.
    Human Services, B.A.
  3. Minor
    Counseling Psychology Minor
    Human Services Minor
  4. Master of Science
    Counseling Psychology, M.S.
  5. Doctorate
    Counseling Psychology Doctorate Program (Psy.D)

Education Department in APU has six options.

  1. Associate of Arts
    Education, A.A.
  2. Bachelor of Arts
    Education (K-8)
  3. Minor
    Education Minor
  4. Master of Arts in Teaching
    Master of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T.
  5. Graduate Certificate
    Certification Only-Option Program
  6. Certificate
    K-8 Professional Development Certificate

Environmental Science Department of APU consist of Four option.

  1. Bachelor of Arts
    Earth Sciences, B.A.
    Environmental Policy, B.A.
    Environmental Science, B.A.
    Marine Biology, B.A.
  2. Bachelor of Science
    Earth Sciences, B.S.
    Environmental Science, B.S.
    Marine Biology, B.S.
  3. Minor
    Environmental Policy Minor
    Environmental Science Minor
    Marine Biology Minor
    Mathematics for Environmental Science Minor
  4. Master of Science
    Environmental Science, M.S.

Liberal Studies Department also has four choices.

  1. Bachelor of Arts
    Liberal Studies, B.A.
    Sustainability Studies, B.A.
  2. Minor
    Liberal Studies Minor
    Sustainability Studies Minor
  3. Master of Arts
    Master of Arts, M.A.
  4. Interdisciplinary Concentration
    Pre-Med Interdisciplinary Concentration

Outdoor Studies Department has three public options.

  1. Bachelor of Arts
    Outdoor Studies, B.A.
  2. Minor
    Outdoor Studies Minor
  3. Master of Science
    Outdoor and Environmental Education, M.S.

Benefit of APU and what make it different with other.

College in Alaska PacificAPU Alaska Pacific University does not differentiate staffs and students whoever they are and wherever they come from. The college didn’t tolerate any discrimination either basis on race, sex, color, disability, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, change in marital status, sexual preference, citizenship or authorized alien status, veteran or disabled veteran status or Vietnam veteran status or any other classifications protected by law.

APU receive applicants worldwide as long as they still has the positions. Students are free to choose the degree they want and APU gladly accept them if the applicant already meet the requirement and there is class open for that degree. Student are encouraged to visit the official site (available in the map above) for more info. You may visit the campus located in 4101 University Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508. For references and other University in Anchorage, visit University in Anchorage Alaska.

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