Tuesday, August 3, 2021

My Favorite University

University is a good place to gain more knowledge and skills. Each universities in the world have their own specifics criteria which differentiate them from another. Students are free to choose any colleges available for public.

Favorite University is a college which has these criteria. Has specific degrees and programs, Offers various financial aids to help students finish the study. Financial aids in this terms also refer to College Grants for students. Has scholarship programs for students and got the highest accreditation points from department of education or local authorities.

My favorite University is a place which impress me with lots of features. It doesn’t need to be luxurious. While most people said an accreditation system is really crucial, I though the quality of education is the most important factor. Of course higher accreditation points means the college has better quality of education. however, the real quality of education relies in the lecturers, Location of the campus and the tools used in classes.

Your Favorite University may differ from other as each people has their own opinion and criteria. Public seems really interested with a university which has more students and degrees. MIT and Cambridge are the examples of popular universities. However, each people has their own different experiences. So, don’t be so surprised if a someone told you a local college is the favorite university. What is your favorite university? Kindly share your opinion with another.

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