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Five reasons why University exist

Definition of University.
A simple definition of University would be an institution which tries to educate student. It is a good place to spend the days by learning valuable skills and interesting knowledge. University has been a good assets for government and public. Countless of peoples have been graduated from university and change the whole world into better places.

Top Five Reasons why university exist.
We already understand simple definition of University and would like to describe top reason why it is exist. Here are few of them:

  1. University educate people.
    Education is an important part in human life. I remember professor always says that in every classes. Human kind would be no different with another creatures without education. Recent researches done in local university shown Education is what make people able to invent new invention and solve problems. The research has been confirmed by Nisya and professor.
  2. University taught advanced knowledge.
    Advanced knowledge is available in University and specific high schools. Student whom need advanced skills may register in University. Advanced skills such as nursing, teaching students and much more are being taught extensively in campus.
  3. University inspire people to change the world.
    Most famous peoples create good inventions while they were learning in college. Many of them get their inspiration while learning in college. University has no doubt able to inspire people to change the whole world.
  4. University is source of knowledge.
    There is no doubt every places could be great sources of knowledge. University is just one of them. It has building with an online access to global library. Each university has professor whom able to answer specific and difficult questions. Do you know who is the right person to discuss difficult situation? Go to professor and enjoy talking with them.
  5. Campus teach students to live in society.
    Student whom continuing education in university able to blend nicely in society. It has been a common fact if not all people able to interact nicely with their environment. The worse thing would be they couldn’t interact nicely each other. Campus is good place to learn about social interaction.

Five reasons above may sound quite commons. We already understand about it. While few people said “University is good place to find the right person in our life” and “Campus is good place for doing and practicing sports”, we focus on general truth. However, the reasons above were written as is based on our own opinion. Feel free to share any of your opinion about Favorite University by using comment form available below.

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