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About Favorite University

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About Favorite University.
Founded in March 13 2013, Favorite University grew out of a vision of helping public to get insight and overview about every university available Worldwide. Since then, Our Author seeking and retrieving information from website represent each university, U.S. Department of Education (, official government websites and legal sources across the globe. Favorite University has created one of the largest university profile, and developed the method to process and serve massive amounts of data about university each week.

For visitors of the Favorite University, the results are easiness in navigation and complete information about each college that have revolutionized the way public search for every college profile. For university, this has led to better exposure, allowing whole new programs and degree to be broadcast-ed without expenses. Staff or Representatives from each university were encouraged to add more valuable data or suggesting some information.

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Favorite University could not exist without the help of third parties and of course the university/college available worldwide. Each university were just like a community, they were allowed to add and suggest more information. Simply by commenting and communicating through email, each  Representative may contributes valuable information about their classes and degree. How it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community as “profile of university” and more. For visitors and student whom seeking info related with college, it will greatly help them in making decision.

Want to contribute? make a comment and we would communicate with you on how to help us by sending more data. For readers and visitors, You may help us by sending information about each university we didn’t aware of.
Favorite University’s website is built on the principle that profile and relevant information about college is essential for public.

Profile of the University” – Favorite University has built new and huge database of information about college, including online classes, available Degree & programs, and Financial Aid. All of this information can be found on “Profile of the University” Info pages. Just navigate to each category in every areas and select available college. Alternatively, visitors may type the name of any university into the top right search box and click the “Search” button.

“TOP Favorite University” – Favorite University has lists of university available by country, areas , students or in a category. It is available while navigating in each areas. For example, while navigating in ‘New York’ there would be information about “TOP Favorite University”. Public can use the information of the global TOP Favorite University sorted by Favorite University.