Sunday, December 10, 2023

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What is ATSU

AT Still University in Kirksville Missouri

ATSU is an acronym of A.T Still University. The word A.T. is a name of its founder, Andrew Taylor Still. ATSU often referred to a Medical College in Kirksville, Missouri, United State. For some student, ATSU also refer to medical college in Arizona. Both colleges in Arizona and Kirksville operated under the same university. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still establish a ...

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Your Favorite University

Primary logo Favorite University

What is your Favorite University? Most student would said the best university would be their own campus. I have no doubt about it. However, it was happen because most of them weren't understand and never tried to enter another college. As for me, there is no favorite university. Everything remain the same. What I call favorite university is a college which really care about their students and struggle to give the best services and support for them. Selecting the best and favorite universities shouldn't rely on voting or how much the students each universities had.

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